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We live and work in a knowledge economy and much of our work requires effortful thinking. We want creativity, innovation, problem-solving, decisions, motivation, communication, teamwork and productivity and need our people to perform at their best as often as possible.

That’s where we come in.

We help people improve performance. We train teams and we work with leaders and managers to enable them to get the gains you’re after.

If that sounds like what you want for you and your workplace, we’re pleased you’re here.

Cerebra is New Zealand’s premier brain performance consultancy. We use research-based approaches to inform

what we do and give you confidence that what we do really works.

We believe in what we do, and think you will too – give us a call.

Our programmes

We’ll help you maximise performance through understanding your brain, mind and behaviour and then applying strategies for change. This will help you create more productive people and teams, build teams that self-manage health and safety, and develop a culture of collaborative success.

How we work

We offer a full range of services from 1:1 coaching to team workshops and training to group facilitation. We’ll develop an approach with you based on your needs. Book a workshop with us today, or contact us to talk about what you’d like to achieve. Click through for more detail.

About Cerebra

We use research-based approaches to support your goals and give you confidence that what we do works.

It started, as many good things do, with a coffee. A friend of ours, a people leader, had a problem. She couldn’t keep up with everything she wanted to learn. Like many leaders she was interested in how she could help improve performance, she just didn’t have time.

Contact us for a free 30 minute discussion. Coffee's on us.

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Coffee and chat

An introductory conversation to discuss your needs. No pressure tactics here.
  • Our shout
  • We'll come to you
  • Follow up phone call
  • No obligation


$50 - $595
From one hour to a whole day or more, for small and large groups. Let's discuss what you need.
  • Per head rates
  • Per day rates
  • Workbooks included
  • Your venue or offsite


From $195
1:1 time with people who will benefit. We're comfortable working at all levels of business.
  • Guaranteed 1:1 face time
  • Additional phone calls
  • Some after hours available
  • Monthly and yearly options.