In addition to our regular offerings are two unique programmes developed specifically to help us live well, and perform well.

ASPIRE Performance certification

Demonstrating a brain-friendly, performance-enhancing workplace.

We often hear leaders say “Our people are our best asset”. We agree, and believe it’s even more true in today’s knowledge-based workplaces. We’d like to help you prove that your organisation is serious about creating a place where people can excel.

Then we’d like to shout about it with you.

This is an investment in corporate responsibility, wellbeing, engagement, leadership, and performance, and challenges us to think more deeply and broadly about the environment we create for our people.

Think of it like a heart tick or star rating for how you and your organisation treat the brains and minds of your people, to get the best out of them, and really be one of the best places to work.

You can summarise it in one question: Does what we’re doing provide the best opportunities for people to perform well?

Here’s a sample.

  • Your organisation’s corporate leadership avoids modelling behaviour that is detrimental to employee health e.g. all night emails and phone calls.
    • People follow the leader and pay attention to what they do. Are employees regularly compelled to sacrifice social interaction, recreation or sleep to stay in step with the boss?
  • Workflow is designed to take advantage of the brain’s strengths.
    • We perform different kinds of tasks better at different times of the day. Is work arranged to suit?
  • Biases in the recruitment process are identified and there are mitigation strategies in place.
    • Biases can cause us to choose people who are like us, rather than the best person. Is your organisation aware of cognitive biases and how they affect decisions? What mitigation strategies do you use? 
  • The physical environment eliminates burdens on cognitive load.
    • The context in which we receive information can affect how well we process it, and how effective we are, by taking up mental resources that could be devoted to tasks. For example, is there too much noise, poor ventilation or are there unpleasant odours? 
  • Employees feel safe to raise concerns, from small issues to red flags to whistle-blowing.
    • Fear is one of the greatest hindrances to good mental performance.

Why invest in ASPIRE Performance certification?

A rating allows you to tell a fantastic story about your organisation to your people, shareholders and customers. It says you don’t just talk about people being your best asset, you live it, and continue to invest in building a remarkable organisation.

You can use this as a marketing angle for your organisation and a rating to display on your premises, business cards, websites, vehicles and so on. It also gives you a recruitment edge for prospective employees.

Additionally, it ensures that your business is aligned with good brain strategies, function and health, and thus performance, and efforts here will help you exceed many Health and Safety requirements.

We’d love to speak with you about the Certificate for your organisation.

If you’re absolutely committed to performance, and being a great place to work, give us a call (number below) or fill in the contact form on the home page.

How it works

We spend some time with relevant people and teams, seeking feedback, providing questionnaires, asking questions and gathering data. We do this for teams, departments, or across your organisation, looking for information across a set of organisational domains. The intent is to highlight what’s working well, where there may be discrepancies, and what could be improved. We then work with you to think through how some changes could be made, or we leave it with you.

Naturally it’s voluntary and not at all punitive. We just think you’ll agree it’s a good idea to provide an environment where everyone can perform well.

How much does it cost?

It depends on your organisation, and the extent to which you’d like to go. Basically, the bigger your organisation, the more it costs. We recommend a discussion to talk this through. Remember, we’ll bring the coffee.

If you’re outside New Zealand, we have a licensing programme that enables you to complete the work. We’d hate you to miss out.


It’s probable that we’ll have 20 years of retirement. This programme works with you to develop a targeted plan to help you make the most of those years by keeping your brain in good shape before you get there and afterwards. After all, you get only one.

Best done in a group, this is based on contemporary research around developing cognitive reserve, preventing or delaying cognitive impairment and living well. It’s a fantastic employee benefit.