Post-Covid Psychological Safety (2 of 2)

In our last post we noted that while Psychological Safety isn’t new, it is certainly trending and, post-Covid, requires some thought. We spent the time working through the differences between emotional safety (more like comfort and security) and Psychological Safety, which is a performance concept defined by Edmonson as a…

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Post-Covid Psychological Safety (1 of 2)

Psychological Safety is in the corporate zeitgeist. That’s great for helping the concept spread but not necessarily so great for maintaining the integrity of what it is. In fact it can be terrible for it. As a concept it’s been around for decades but is now flourishing. In the work-from-home…

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Getting empathy right as a leader

Empathy is often touted as a key skill in the modern leader’s tool box, and one which effective leaders deploy easily and smoothly. You could describe it as the power of understanding another person’s feelings, as if you were walking in their shoes. It’s seen to facilitate social interactions, strengthen…

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