About you

You want you and your people to be engaged in their work, innovate, problem solve and make great decisions.


Perhaps you also want people to surface issues and be honest, communicate clearly with each other, build great relationships and contribute to a vibrant team and organisational culture.

Also yes?

And maybe you’d love people to collaborate, move in and out of teams and workgroups effectively, and actively remove barriers to progress.

Another yes?

We’d love to help.

No business operates well if the people in it don’t operate well. That’s where we fit in. We work with your organisation, teams, leaders and people, in groups or 1:1, workshops and coaching, to help people do better.

Better individual performance. Better learning. Better teams and outcomes. Better business.


Here’s an example.

You’re looking at what we do. Let’s pick a common one, say, a workshop on stress or resilience.

Done it you might think. Heard it.

But ask the real questions. More searching questions.

Did it deliver outcomes that were explicitly and directly connected to your purpose and values?

Is that what you asked for?

Did you get actionable, practical stuff to do, along with the Why, that made people want to commit to something right then and there, because they recognised it was good for them and you?

Did you get people admitting to a group that they were originally there against their will but got takeaways they hadn’t anticipated?

Did you get eye-widening enlightening moments?

Did people recognise the benefits for themselves and others?

Did people feel invigorated about their work?

Was the evaluation better than questions about whether they enjoyed it, how the food was and whether the air conditioning worked?

Did it dive down to, and then align with, your business objectives?

Were people immediately recommending it to others?

Did it lead to measurable personal and organisational change?

That’s what working with us is like, and that’s what gets us out of bed. We help people improve their performance.

But don’t stop there. Asking how these things happen is also revealing.

What’s the how?

We take contemporary research into applied neuroscience and psychology and make it useful for organisations and people in order to improve performance. Or in short form, we train performance. We help people do better.

Our particular strength is in developing Psychological Safety as the underpinning of organisational performance, and working with resilience, stress and mental performance.

Groups. Workshops. Seminars. 1:1. We do what works best for you.

About us

It started, as many good things do, with a coffee.

A friend of ours, a people and performance manager, had a problem.

Coffee with us was her way of downloading and getting an independent view. She was bemoaning the lack of time she had to read. She couldn’t keep up with the research she thought she needed to be across in order to do her job to her high standards.

Maybe that sounds familiar.

As we chatted we agreed that few people do. Managers, leaders, and people working with performance like her and, potentially, you, simply don’t have the capacity to spend time to get up to speed with how to create Psychological Safety, let alone understanding how people learn, understanding motivation, getting to grips with how to create innovation or better problem-solving, figuring out our biases in decision-making, creating productive workspaces, building remarkable organisations and so on.

Most of us just don’t have enough time to learn everything.

What happens then, as in many areas, is that good, robust research into how we function, think, decide, and perform sits idle.

But what if you were already across all of that, and could train and coach and were keen to share it with those whose lives kept them too busy…

We love to share what works well for performance with other people. Really, we love it.

Another coffee sealed it.

And Cerebra was founded.

And the name? Simple really.

Cerebra is the plural of cerebrum. The cerebrum is the largest and best developed part of your brain. We chose Cerebra precisely because, essentially, it means more than one brain.

That’s us helping you and your people perform better.

Our founder

Recognising the need for something different in the market, Cerebra was founded by Brendon Clark. Brendon holds a Masters (Honours) degree in psychology, postgraduate qualification endorsed in forensic psychiatry, and certificates in professional supervision, counselling and adult teaching.

Brendon’s background encompasses more than 15 years in executive management and leadership in both for profit and not for profit organisations.


By the way, coffee really is good for your brain. Among other things, it’s neuroprotective, helping protect your brain against dementia, can help in cases of mild cognitive impairment, and boosts cognition in some areas.