Our expertise

The brain and mind are remarkable things, and knowing how they work (and how they don’t) gives us an advantage in getting the most from them. After all, they’re the currency of the knowledge economy.

We’ll help you maximise wellbeing and performance through understanding your brain, mind and behaviour and then applying strategies for change. This will help you create more productive people and teams, build teams that self-manage health and safety, and develop a culture of collaborative success. Psychological Safety is here.

The material we specialise in can be provided in workshop or seminar form, as coaching or consulting. We work with individuals needing some assistance, managers, leaders and teams, to get the improvements you want.

While we can provide seminars and workshops, we recommend a co-designed programme for maximum return.

WORKPLACE ROCKSTAR. How to become a top performer.

The science of personal performance is robust, but applying it to you and your workplace requires a clear plan. Develop an individual programme for achieving more, with more efficiency, in less time.

HIGHWIRE PERFORMANCE. How to deliver when it really matters.

We sometimes say we perform better under pressure, but pressure is the enemy of the brain. What exactly are the optimal conditions for best mental performance and how do we create them to deliver consistently?

GETTING TO EUREKA. Creativity, innovation and why Einstein failed.

Understand the science of why brainstorming doesn’t work and discover what we need to do instead to be seriously more creative, both in terms of quantity and quality. We’ll even come back to run a session with you.

ZOOM ZOOM. The power of focus and the benefit of distraction.

The brain loves efficiency. The problem is, we can be easily distracted, spend time on the wrong things and forget, all while the brain is looking for the easiest way to do something. This is the why, what and how of the power of focus.


Habits are multiple small steps in a sequence. We’ll unpack how they work, and what you need to do to change and be healthier or more productive, or whatever it is you want. Hint: no quick fixes here, effort and planning are always required.

DECISIONS, DECISIONS. How we decide, how we take risks, and how to avoid bad decisions.

Back in the day, Benjamin Franklin invented the decision ‘T’. Pros on this side, cons on the other. It’s appealing because it’s neat, but it’s also surprisingly ineffective. Learn how the brain decides for us, and what affects our decisions. Why do we play safe or take the punt? Are males and females different? Does this influence how we create teams? This is your brain on decisions and risk.

FRAZZLE. Managing stressed teams.

The brain does predictable things when it’s stressed, but managing people under stress can be unpredictable. This programme is all about strategies to make it easier for you to understand and manage people under stress.

BOUNCE. Stress, resilience, and health.

It’s a truism that your people are your best asset. That’s true if they’re performing well. This programme explains how we react to stress, what we can do about it, and how we can build resilience. We help with a personal and organisational plan, not just tips.

SPARK. Motivation for managers.

Trying to motivate can be difficult. It’s a complex thing, and you’ll learn how to provide a context for motivation, the secret sauce of motivating other people over the long term, and how to help people motivate themselves.

READY, SET, GO. Winning employees.

What are the characteristics your employees need to succeed in your organisation? After all, recruitment is expensive and, if we have to repeat it, frustrating.  This will show you how you can help yourself, or your team, develop the contexts, mindsets and actions needed for success.

THE BRAIN FOR LEADERS AND MANAGERS. Understanding the brain. A primer for leaders and managers.

Understanding how the brain works can give your leaders useful insights into your people and their performance. We’ll work with your leaders in groups or 1:1 to give them that understanding.

SWAY. The subtle art of interpersonal influence.

There are 7 principles that are central to influencing others, along with numerous small nudges. We’ll learn the framework for influence, and then delve into some specific skills to master. (Note. This is not a sales course.)