We like to fit in with what works for you

We consult, train, and coach, and our aim is to help improve performance, for you, your teams, and your organisation.

To do this, we take contemporary research from neuroscience and psychology and synthesise it into programmes for you and your people. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and wants, and then co-design a programme with you. This can be a mix of things, and could involve one or more of the following:

  • Seminars and workshops to educate and inspire
  • Executive and individual coaching to help clear obstacles from performance
  • Consulting and facilitation to assist with your problem-solving, decision making, policies and procedures
  • Group facilitation to work with your teams to create opportunity and change
  • Team sessions where we’ll help your teams grow and develop

You can package this in different ways depending on the audience:

Why use Cerebra?

We work with organisations who truly believe that by investing in people, both they and the organisation will perform better.

If you choose to work with us, you’ll be able to tell others (such as your customers, teams, potential recruits, boss, Board, and other stakeholders) that you care enough about the people you work with to provide an environment where they can flourish, do their best work, and deliver great results.

We help your people to perform well; we’re sure it’s something that both you and your people prefer. This increases people’s productivity, creativity and engagement. It improves their collaboration and delivery. It reduces costs associated with time to market, failure, absenteeism, turnover, and the resulting recruitment.

Further, our work helps ensure that you provide adequate health and safety input for your teams, and provide an environment for them that maximises their outputs and outcomes for you.

And importantly, our material is researched and evidence-based.

We’re not keen on fads, neuromyths or pop psychology, so we aim to be able to reference what we do. Sometimes that means we might not endorse something that’s shiny and new because there isn’t enough research to support it. Over time of course, research might come to support it and so would we. We like to be confident in what we’re saying, and for you to be confident in us.

Lastly, we think that investment in your people is a valuable investment. We’d love to help.

Why you shouldn’t use Cerebra?

This is a good question to answer.

Let’s face it, we won’t suit everyone, and we’d rather you made an informed decision

We know you’ll have competing priorities, limited time, not enough budget, pressing demands, and a hundred other things to think about. If we can help make your choice easier, we’re happy too. So here’s a list of legitimate reasons we might not be for you, based on real feedback and discussions we’ve had with different groups.

We might not be for you if:

  • You don’t want to be able to tell people you’re a psychologically safe workplace. We’re not being cheeky here, we’re saying it doesn’t resonate with your organisation, or you’d rather say something else.
  • Hand on heart, being completely honest with yourself, you know that your organisation doesn’t really value people over profits as much as it says it does.
  • Management doesn’t want to report wellbeing and psychological safety metrics to the Board, or the Board aren’t interested in getting them. Ironically, this suggests you probably need to work with us, and we can help pitch this for you, but if these metrics aren’t important, then we might not be for you.
  • Your boss doesn’t think psychological safety is important, and wouldn’t publicly defend it. It doesn’t need a whole organisation to be on board to get started, but sponsorship helps.
  • Your organisation thinks a one-off wellbeing workshop will take care of the stress it creates for people, but isn’t bothered about looking at the sources too.
  • When push gets to shove, management thinks pizza equals wellbeing. Don’t get us wrong, we love pizza, and wellbeing needs to start somewhere, but if this is all it is, we might not be for you.
  • You don’t want people to collaborate better, produce better work, create and innovate more, lead better, deliver more, speak up, show initiative, stay longer, and improve the bottom line.
  • You’re not interested in testing or stretching yourselves.
  • You’re 100% happy with organisation culture and performance.
  • You have top down, autocratic managers and everyone is expected to toe the line. Again, this probably suggests you need us, but if this is a cultural style you prefer, or it works for you, we might not be the right choice.

Otherwise, we’d love it it you dropped us a line or gave us a call.

Let’s talk.