We like to fit in with what works for you

We consult, train, and coach, and our aim is to help improve performance, for you, your teams, and your organisation.

To do this, we take contemporary research from neuroscience and psychology and synthesise it into programmes for you and your people. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and wants, and then co-design a programme with you. This can be a mix of things, and could involve one or more of the following:

  • Seminars and workshops to educate and inspire
  • Executive and individual coaching to help clear obstacles from performance
  • Consulting and facilitation to assist with your problem-solving, decision making, debriefing and idea generation
  • Group facilitation to work with your teams to create opportunity and change
  • Team sessions where we’ll help your teams grow and develop

You can package this in different ways depending on the audience:


A busy 60-120 minutes, ideally before lunch. It’s your valuable time we’re using, so we get the most from it, especially if there are multiple sessions.

Consulting and coaching

We’ll work with your people or teams over time to advise, develop programmes, build on capability and assist with change.

Lunchbox learning

Bring your lunch; be stimulated for 60-90 minutes.

Facilitation and presentation

We can provide facilitation for meetings, groups and functions, deliver conference presentations or provide team building programmes.

And for something different…

Wine, nibbles and edutainment

For something different, come after work for a busy but lighter session of 60-120 minutes. Bring contacts and guests if you want to make it an event for clients, or sponsor an event for your school or families.

Why use Cerebra?

We help your people to perform well. We’re sure it’s something that both you and your people prefer. This increases people’s productivity, creativity and engagement and decreases their absenteeism, along with turnover, and the resulting recruitment costs. Both benefit your organisation’s people and bottom line.

Further, our programmes help ensure that you provide adequate health and safety input for your teams, and provide an environment for them that maximises their outputs and outcomes for you.

And importantly, our material is researched and evidence-based.

We’re not keen on fads, neuromyths or pop psychology, so we aim to be able to reference what we do. Sometimes that means we might not endorse something that’s shiny and new because there isn’t enough research to support it. Over time of course, research might come to support it and so would we. We like to be confident in what we’re saying, and for you to be confident in us.

Lastly, we think that investment in your people is a valuable investment. We’d love to help.