People flourish when the environment is safe for them to take risks. This applies at home, school and in the workplace. Psychological Safety is identified as the key element driving team and business performance in the modern workplace.

Creating Psychological Safety takes involvement and commitment, but the rewards are worth it. You can read some of our articles here, and contact us on 027 208 8294.

Why Psychological Safety is the key to business success

Psychological Safety is a shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking

Prof. Amy Edmondson
Harvard University

In other words, it’s the feeling we can speak up, take risks, ask questions (including hard questions), debate, identify problems and even make mistakes without fear of humiliation, censorship, and embarrassment.

In today’s knowledge economy we require people to be creative, make complex decisions, innovate, learn, problem-solve and more. These are demanding tasks which are made impossible if the team and business environment don’t support them. Psychological Safety is the Number 1 issue supporting these business goals.

It’s measurable, evidence-based, and pragmatic, with a strong business case.


Psychological safety is about performance and thus how organisations can improve, becoming learning organisations that are constantly developing. It’s aimed at developing both people and organisations. Psychological Safety does not include:

  • lowering standards
  • eliminating accountability
  • avoiding conflict
  • removing targets and KPIs
  • simply being nice all the time.


Our current clients include banks, schools, investment and finance companies, training organisations and others, interested in developing the skills and environment for outstanding performance. We work with leaders, teams and individuals.

Our introductory workshop (2 or 5 hour) brings you the latest thinking. You’ll discover:

  1. The background of Psychological Safety and why it’s so crucial
  2. How Psychological Safety and Unsafety impact your teams and their performance
  3. Key ways to assess Psychological Safety
  4. How you can start, immediately, to improve the context for your people

All workshops include time for questions, a reading list, and a workbook.

From the introductory workshop, we provide a range of options, from team sessions, to 1:1 mentoring, to a fully supported learning programme to embed Psychological Safety as a key foundation in your business. We strongly recommend more than a one and done approach as a more certain way to achieve a return on your expectations.


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