TAS Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety at work takes effort. It’s not the norm.

But it’s worth the effort.”

Amy Edmondson

Nau mai haere mai

A warm welcome to our TAS partners.


Thanks for joining us. We’ve put together a set of resources for you to use that supplement our face to face time. They’re designed to provide additional information around concepts, extend your thinking, offer practical expertise and resources and generally help you feel more confident with Psychological Safety.

You can work through these at your own pace and come back to them as often as you need.

This will help set you up for success by guiding you through the skills and thinking you need to develop Psychological Safety in your teams and organisation.

If you need support at any time, let us know at info@cerebra.co.nz.

If you would like to take this further, such as small group work or 1:1 time, please contact Korrin.Manase@tas.health.nz.

Let’s get you started…

Before this work

A Psychologically Unsafe environment just feels wrong, like you never really thaw out so to speak. You’ll recognise the feeling, both psychologically and physically. You’re guarded, picking and choosing what you say, when, and to whom. You self-censor and manage both your reputation and image. You don’t speak up, offer critique, disagree or challenge. It’s likely you don’t speak up about not being able to speak up. And you won’t offer new ideas or innovations as freely as you otherwise might.

After this work

As a manager, learning how to create an environment of Psychological Safety benefits you, your team, and the organisation. You’ll be able to develop trust, strengthen relationships, foster improvements and deliver better results. You’ll notice more confidence in working with others and recognise how people relate to you. As a team member, you’ll be able to contribute, challenge, suggest, and trust that your input is valued. You flourish rather than freeze.

Course Feedback

Past Attendees Said …

“I now view the needs of my team differently and understand how to create a psychologically safe space”

First responder

“I already understood some of the ideas but putting it together in this way was fantastic”

Registered Nurse

“Thanks. I’ve recommended this to the rest of the organisation because it was great training”

Investment Manager

The Course Combines 3 Pillars To Unlock The Most Effective Benefits


Understand the foundations of Psychological Safety.


Learn the most important approaches and skills to acquire.


There’s no gain without effort, and this means practice.

How It Works

Here’s where we are so far…


Our face to face workshops were designed to introduce you to the concepts and set the scene. This is our Preparation phase.


That’s us now. This is material to help you embed what you’ve learned and begin introducing actions. This is our Participation work.


Taking responsibility for giving it go and sticking with it is our Partnership phase. There’s more information if you need it, and opportunity for feedback.

Here’s what’s coming up…